6th November 2012

Neurones & River Beds

I was working with a group recently that got a lot out of the analogy of neurones in the mind being similar to river beds. River beds channel the flow of water within them as neurones channel the flow of thoughts. Just as water in rivers can alter the shape and flow of the river itself, so too can thoughts alter the physical structures of the neurones that carry those thoughts.
6th November 2012

Rewire your Brain

I have just started reading Rewire your Brain by John B.Arden and so far I am very impressed by it’s introductory chapter on neuroscience.
22nd November 2012

The Plastic Mind by Sharon Begley

I keep finding myself referring people to The Plastic Mind by Sharon Begley and thought others reading this would also value flicking through this book to get a great introduction to the world of applied neuroscience.
1st December 2012

Art and Science on the Brain

If you want to combine business with leisure then here are some dates that you might want to make a note of in your 2013 diary :)
12th December 2012

BBC Brains

The media's focus on all things neuroscience has been ramping up over the past few years and the BBC's focus in particular has been fairly sustained.
19th January 2013

Lasting change

This image and diagram helps explains why so many development or change programmes struggle to effect real changes in individuals. We are so used to putting people in rooms or pointing them towards e-learning portals and filling them up with lots of fantastic , practical tools and models for them to use. However, unless we also provide the time and means for them to really understand how an individual’s unique perceptions and thinking drive that individual’s unique behaviour, then they won’t make the breakthroughs that will allow them to recognise when and how they can use the fantastic, practical tools they have been […]
28th January 2013


Right then. I have just put the dinner on and have 20 minutes or so before Number 1 Daughter comes in from school – I am working from home today – so I thought I would share some interesting research on multitasking.
18th February 2013

The Human Connectome Project

The Human Connectome Project (HCP) gets some nice coverage from the BBC today.
19th February 2013

Happy (540th!) birthday Copernicus

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 540th birthday of Copernicus who’s heliocenctric model of our solar system fundamentally changed how we see the world and man’s place in it.
1st March 2013

Two brains better than one?

To what extent is it true that 'two heads are better than one'? A Brain-to-Brain Interface for Real-Time Sharing of Sensorimotor Information may not seem like the answer to the question but it could prove a (somewhat controversial) milestone on the way to getting the answer.
19th March 2013

A small helping of imposter syndrome for my executive team please!

OK! I hold my hands up and admit it - I have a good helping of imposter syndrome lurking in my psyche! However, I usually try not to dwell on my insecurities and to harness the positive points; sometimes thinking that I am not as intelligent or as experienced as others can drive me on to great things.
17th April 2013

Working with CIPD and Daniel Pink’s Drive

Recently I was invited by CIPD to take part in their new venture based on Daniel Pink’s fantastic book Drive: the surprising truth about what motivates us