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Leadership & Management support utilising neuroscience, psychology and practical techniques.

We have extensive experience of providing a comprehensive range of Leadership & Management support all built on our ‘pyramid’ of neuroscience, psychology and practical tools, models and techniques. We work with Senior Leaders, Experienced Mangers, New Managers, Graduates on both a team and individual basis across a wide range of organisations.

Our Leadership offering includes bespoke modular programmes, off-the-shelf programmes, masterclasses, facilitation and coaching. We have a reputation for providing unique, relevant, stimulating, and challenging support that allows participants to make real practical changes to their leadership practice.

Leadership Programme Case-study:

Software company leadership team

The Managing Director of this UK subsidiary of a French software company recognised that the parent company’s growth targets would only be achieved by each part of the UK operation working collaboratively – something they were not doing at that time. We worked with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) individually and collectively to help develop a high performing team ethos. We delivered a bespoke, modular programme supported by 1:1 coaching. Our work encompassed aspects of neuroscience, psychology and practical tools and techniques that allowed the SLT to understand, and change, their individual and collective behaviour. With the confidence gained from their successful work on this topic the SLT were able to cascade the new team based approach throughout the organisation and role model how synergies could be tapped into.

Leadership Coaching

Global banking organisation

We have partnered with a leading high street Bank to offer business and career coaching to the top two fifty executives. We have put in place a structured, bespoke and effective programme that tailors the coaching to both meet individuals’ needs and support delivery of the organisations’ objectives. We work with challenging individuals operating in a high-pressure and difficult environment and our coaching helps them to deliver enhanced performance at a reduced personal cost. This is making a clear difference in helping our client to achieve their ambitious goals.

Leadership Facilitation case-study

Not-for-profit institute

Following on from misconduct allegations there was a complete lack of trust within the Senior Leadership Team that was significantly hampering their performance – and that of the organisation as a whole. We designed and delivered a series of workshops for the SLT based on establishing a new way of working that would be more open, trusting and collaborative. We used a mix of group and 1:1 sessions supported by psychometrics and 360° feedback to help bring about individual and collective change. Relationships within the team were transformed and it became much more effective as a result.


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