Lasting change

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This image and diagram helps explains why so many development or change programmes struggle to effect real changes in individuals. We are so used to putting people in rooms or pointing them towards e-learning portals and filling them up with lots of fantastic , practical tools and models for them to use.

However, unless we also provide the time and means for them to really understand how an individual’s unique perceptions and thinking drive that individual’s unique behaviour, then they won’t make the breakthroughs that will allow them to recognise when and how they can use the fantastic, practical tools they have been provided with.  In our experience, more often than not these tools are not used and behaviour continues as before.

In the change work we do with clients we aim to provide the space and means for people to understand what drives behaviour and how to take control of this as well  as the practical tools and model that can help them flourish in today’s increasingly demanding workplace.