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Neuroscience underpins our Change Management approach this is supported by training built on proven psychology and practical models and tools.

We have extensive experience of helping individuals, teams and organisations make lasting change ranging from powerful 1:1 coaching, to team development, organisation wide training and major culture projects. Neuroscience underpins our Change Management approach and this is supported by proven psychology, practical models and tools, and word-class training. Our change management work is guided by our knowledge of how the brain perceives and processes external change and the likely responses and behaviours triggered by this.

There is considerable evidence that much change work, be it at an individual (think New Year’s resolution) or organisation level (think mergers and acquisitions) is ineffective with considerable effort delivering little by way of lasting, positive change. We overcome this by approaching change in a ‘brain-friendly’ way that significantly increases the likelihood of people engaging with change in a positive, effective way. We provide training to organisations, teams and individuals that transforms change effectivness

Our change management work includes:

Organisational Change Case-study:

Defence company

Driven by changes required by both clients and new owners this very large defence organisation was embarking on a period of significant change. These changes will place increased demands on Human Resources (HR) to support the business unit leaders who are directly leading the changes.

In order to allow them to play this part effectively we delivered an innovative change leadership programme for HR staff that equipped them with a neuroscience and psychology based toolkit that was practical and credible enough for them to use in a ‘traditional’ engineering environment.

The programme gave the HR change agents the knowledge, skills and confidence to make personal changes for themselves but also to support the business leaders to do the same. The programme left HR confident that it could play its part in enabling the business to make effective change.

Organisational Change Case-study:

Procurement department

A pan-European procurement department responsible for an annual spend of several hundred million euros wanted to develop their performance from ‘good to great’. Although they had vast amounts of objective information and benchmark data about current performance they wanted support to turn this into a meaningful improvement journey that the wider team would engage with.

We helped the Senior Leadership Team to develop a positive and compelling vision of the future including defining the behavioural changes that the team would make to role model the desired changes. We helped them translate this vision into a practical plan and provided them with insight and skills around leading change.

This helped make the change process less painful and more productive than is typically the case in organisations.

Culture Change Case-study:

UK University

Having created a new strategy that would allow the University to maintain and improve its position in increasingly competitive times there was a recognition that the new strategy and the existing culture were significantly out of alignment.

We worked with the University to help them define an aspirational culture that would play to existing strengths, address foreseeable challenges and facilitate achieving the new strategy. The work was undertaken in a positive and inclusive manner that allowed University staff to take ownership of the culture model and of the changes that living it would entail. Having defined the desired future culture we undertook a gap analysis and created a detailed road-map for implementing the new ways of thinking and behaving.

The project allowed the University to be much more confident that there was widespread consensus and commitment to embedding the new culture model supported by an implementation plan built on robust neuroscience psychology and proven change tools.


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