Putting neuroscience to work

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This week we have started new development programmes with two clients; one a consortium of local authorities and the other a digital strategy consulting firm.  In many ways the two clients could not be more different especially from an employee profile point of view.  The former has many long serving employees lots of whom  haven’t worked anywhere else, the latter is full of recent grads and ‘second jobbers’.  ‘Baby boomers’ Vs. ‘Millenials’ might be an over simplification but not by too much.   What they have in common though is a workplace that is changing rapidly, extremely demanding and full of uncertainties and ambiguities.  In each case we are delivering a bespoke modular programme that looks at the brain’s mechanisms, limitations and strengths and how we can tap into these to best effect.  The topics we will be covering include change, efficiency, stamina and resilience and we will use the latest neuroscience research to provide practical tools and techniques for coping, and flourishing, in these challenging situations.