Neuroscience Vs. Emotional Intelligence

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This article The Neuroscience At The Heart Of Learning And Leading got me thinking that one of the advantages of basing our work on neuroscience is that it seems to allow us to have conversations in the workplace that can otherwise be difficult to get people engaged with.  A really good example is our current work with managers in a large defence organisation.  Participants tend to be of a certain age, gender and outlook – most of them are engineers – that experience suggests won’t readily embrace ‘emotional intelligence’ as a topic that is pertinent to their development.  Yet when we talk about the limbic system, the amygdala, mirror neurones and other elements of the ‘social/emotional brain’ we generally find people willing to discuss and debate how this impacts behaviour.  What’s more, we find that they engage in a non-threatened way that allows them to have moments of insight such as the fact that it might all apply to them and not just to others!