Too much of a good thing?

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This week we finished a programme we have been delivering for a digital media consultancy – as fast paced and rapidly changing an environment as I have come across.  The organisation is chock full of very bright, very driven, very engaged people who are absolutely on a mission to go and do great things – they are also mostly of an age that made me feel quite, old!   The positivity and energy in the organisation is almost tangible but what makes it a really special place is that the steadfast results focus is more than balanced by the genuine respect, care and compassion that staff have for each other.  The work we did was about helping staff use neuroscience to help them to Flourish at work i.e. increase their effectiveness and wellbeing in a sustainable way that plays to the brain’s mechanisms, strengths and limitations.

In some ways, the contrast to the change support work we are doing in the Public Sector could not be more stark i.e. at the risk of simplification and generalisation much Public Sector work is focused on ‘do more with less’ amidst challenged morale and wellbeing.  But there are also similarities.  Just because we are doing something we enjoy, and doing it through our own choice, it doesn’t mean that it is undemanding or that we won’t get caught up in a ‘hamster wheel’ of activity that may become less purposeful and rewarding.   Even in the good times it is appropriate to step back, review, refresh and reward so that we can maintain our enthusiasm and engagement.   Engagement in overdrive may be a ‘problem’ that many organisations would love to have but it can be a very real issue and ultimately constrain an organisation’s effectiveness and growth.  Happily this client is getting the balance just right,