8th November 2017

Culture change and habit

Earlier this year we ran a culture survey for a public sector client that has a very committed workforce who are passionate about their role in the Criminal Justice System and helping their clients make lasting behavioural change.  Most of the survey had very positive results but the one area of concern was around stamina and energy levels; many employees reported that they were exhausted at the end of the week and on occasions found their work overwhelming.   In this instance the high levels of engagement were a double edged sword as staff were at risk of jeopardising their own […]
22nd November 2017

Are you getting enough sleep?

There is a generally established consensus that, individual differences and exceptions aside, most adults need to between seven and  nine hours sleep each night to be at their best during their waking hours.  The cognitive impact of sleep deprivation is also well-established but amongst the many elements of sleep that are still not understood is its importance to long-term health.  Some light has been cast on this recently with the publication of neuroscientist Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep.    For anyone who thinks they aren’t getting enough sleep it may make uncomfortable reading: for example a meta-study of sleep research concluded […]
15th December 2017

Leading by example

Over the last eighteen months we have been delivering a leadership programme for a client designed to bring about changes in ‘front-line’ practice by leaders changing their leadership/management practice.  The organisation is under significant pressure from the industry regulator to make changes and the client’s initial approach was for a very prescriptive, ‘remedial’, parent/child style programme but by taking some time to step back from the issue and consider alternative approaches it was agreed that a facilitative, adult/adult style was much more likely to be effective.  At this stage well over a hundred managers have been through the programme and […]