6th November 2012

Rewire your Brain

I have just started reading Rewire your Brain by John B.Arden and so far I am very impressed by it’s introductory chapter on neuroscience.
22nd November 2012

The Plastic Mind by Sharon Begley

I keep finding myself referring people to The Plastic Mind by Sharon Begley and thought others reading this would also value flicking through this book to get a great introduction to the world of applied neuroscience.
19th March 2013

A small helping of imposter syndrome for my executive team please!

OK! I hold my hands up and admit it - I have a good helping of imposter syndrome lurking in my psyche! However, I usually try not to dwell on my insecurities and to harness the positive points; sometimes thinking that I am not as intelligent or as experienced as others can drive me on to great things.
7th March 2014

Expectation shapes reality?

As often seems to be the case we had a really great meeting this week – on Monday morning no less – that was characterised by lots of enthusiasm, positivity and creativity.  In my mind these three elements are interconnected with positivity possibly being first amongst equals.  The power of positivity is well documented; be it from John Gottman and his remarkable work on marital stability and relationship analysis; or from Barbara Fredrickson and her Positivity Ratio.  At this meeting there was a very positive atmosphere that led to some great ideas emerging which in turn almost seemed to create a virtuous […]
1st April 2014

fMRI validity – today’s thinking on this topic

Many people have questioned the validity of inferences drawn from fMRI studies and this very timely article, published here today helps shed some light on the topic.   The article states that: A new study has raised new questions about how MRI scanners work in the quest to understand the brain. The research, led by Professor Brian Trecox and a team of international researchers, used a brand new technique to assess fluctuations in the performance of brain scanners as they were being used during a series of basic experiments. The results are due to appear in the Journal of Knowledge in […]
15th April 2016

Odd one out?

We recently spoke at a psychology careers day for Sixth Form students where students had presentations from speakers using psychology in a range of different environments such as new driver coaching based on ‘black box’ data, clinical trials management and educational psychology.  Our contribution was based on using psychology within the workplace and as part of it we asked participants if they could identify which of these four models was the ‘Odd one out’. Change curve (Kubler Ross) Dimensions of national culture (Hofstede) Hierarchy of Needs (Maslow) Team development (Tuckman) The answer – or one answer – is Tuckman’s Team […]
2nd October 2017

CIPD Behavioural Science Conference

We recently ran a workshop on  Implementing Effective and Brain Friendly Change Management as part of the CIPD Behavioural Science Conference.   The session focused on how our increased understanding of the brain offers us the opportunity to improve personal and organisational change management in very practical and tangible ways.  With plenty of change experts in the room we had some great insights into how neuroscience can help explain previous change challenges and successes and allow us to make change a more positive and successful process.  If you would like a copy of our ‘Brain-friendly Change Checklist’ please get in touch.