22nd November 2012

The Plastic Mind by Sharon Begley

I keep finding myself referring people to The Plastic Mind by Sharon Begley and thought others reading this would also value flicking through this book to get a great introduction to the world of applied neuroscience.
6th November 2012

Rewire your Brain

I have just started reading Rewire your Brain by John B.Arden and so far I am very impressed by it’s introductory chapter on neuroscience.
6th November 2012

Neurones & River Beds

I was working with a group recently that got a lot out of the analogy of neurones in the mind being similar to river beds. River beds channel the flow of water within them as neurones channel the flow of thoughts. Just as water in rivers can alter the shape and flow of the river itself, so too can thoughts alter the physical structures of the neurones that carry those thoughts.