Neuroscience of this, that and the other

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It is obviously true that you ‘notice what you notice’ but neuroscience does seem to be getting more and more prevalent in the mainstream media and many domains of life.  For example if you were to ask your search engine of choice about neuroscience stories in the news this month the thousands of results would include topics as diverse as:

Using neuroscience to run more effective meetings

The growth of the neuroscience market – and neuroinformatics in particular

How neuroscience is starting to change the criminal justice system

Neuroscience driving sales productivity

The variety of applicatins of neuroscience is likely to continue to increase but at Think Change we remain focused – for now at any rate – on allying the useful aspects of NS to Change, Leadership and Learning & development.  There is plenty of new material emerging in these domains to keep us busy for the foreseeable future.