Brain friendly learning

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Neuroscience makes it clear that ‘old dogs can learn new tricks’ and we have been exemplifying this recently by creating a lot of digital material for clients, for example we have made a number of contributions to the CIPD Future of Learning hub.  Whether we call it ‘e-learning’ or ‘m-learning’ or ‘flipped classroom’ or whatever is neither here nor there; what matters is that it offers ‘brain-friendly’ opportunities for learners to engage with relevant material.  What makes it ‘brain-friendly’ includes factors such as:

  • the learner being in control of where and when they engage with the material
  • bite-size chunks making it easy to focus on the ‘vital few’ rather than being distracted by the ‘trivial many’;
  • good support for repetition through automated reminders etc.
  • in-sync dual channel processing i.e. the audio and visual messages are fully aligned
  • ready gamification by points, badges etc.

Combined, these features can significantly increase engagement and retention levels but given the extent to which learning is a social experience it is unlikely that they will ever totally replace the value of face-to-face interactions.  The material will be available on our website later this year.