Using neuroscience to support change management

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We have been working with a global electronics company for several years helping them apply neuroscience in a range of contexts and our most recent collaboration pushed us to deliver the learning from neuroscience on change management in a particularly accessible and practical way.

The client wanted a bespoke change programme that would be as applicable to large, complex change as to small, simple change – an important consideration as scale and complexity is obviously very subjective and in the eye of each individual beholder.  To meet their needs we combined neuroscience, psychology and change management expertise  to create a programme that comprises pre-learning, a bespoke change process, an on-line toolkit, a facilitated workshop and a comprehensive change simulation exercise.

The pre-learning consists of on-line videos to prime participants with fundamentals about the brain and how it typically perceives and processes external.  It also introduces them to the bespoke change process and tool kit created for the programme so they can start to explore and consider how to apply these.  The pre-learning also includes an assessment based on the material to support participant’s engagement and retention.

The on-line toolkit – and additional learning materials – are a permanent ‘go-to’ resource available to participants after they have completed the formal training programme.

Having completed the pre-learning at their own convenience, participants come together for a one-day facilitated session to explore their current and future change scenarios and how they can apply the knowledge and tools they have been introduced to so as to support positive, lasting change.

The final part of the programme is a one-day change simulation where participants are immersed in a large change scenario – which includes several ‘spin-off’ smaller changes – where they must complete tasks, ‘win’ artefacts and apply the knowledge tools and techniques covered previously.  A comprehensive review and action planning session concludes the programme.

To date we have delivered three programmes across Europe, to participants from a variety of business units, functions, seniority etc. and it has met with universal approval for its relevance, engagement and usefulness – so much so that in 2016 the programme will be rolled out across Europe and made available to all managers.

The programme is an excellent example of collaborative working to create a product that successfully applies neuroscience and psychology to a perennially challenging problem i.e. how to manage change better.  If you would like to know more about our approach to change management then please do get in touch.