Another month, another 20,000+ articles

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Another month passes and there is another 20,000+ news articles on the internet about neuroscience and given the ‘allure of neuroscience’ this number is unlikely to reduce any time soon.  As you would expect many of the articles have a clinical or academic provenance but within these there are many nuggets that are absolutely applicable to the world of work; unsurprising really, as whatever our colleagues may say, most of us do bring our brain to work each day.  For example this article on treating anorexia offers evidence of the power of habit and how it will, more often than not, trump good intentions or will-power.  Many people are shocked to learn that unconscious habit accounts for up to 80% of our behaviour in a typical day do if we want to change our behaviour we really need to understand how to change habits – and how challenging this can be.

Similarly these five new neuroscience books from Elsevier may not be everyone’s ideal bedtime reading but understanding more about the Pre-frontal Cortex and the Reticular Activating System allows us, for example, to design learning and development activities in a way that will be much more ‘brain friendly’ and likely to lead to greater engagement and retention.

Articles about using magnetic energy to change people’s belief in God or using fMRI to assess and predict abstract reasoning ability point towards some of the public policy challenges neuroscience will present us with in the coming years; but for now we can relax and let neuroscience choose our t shirt.

At Think Change we make a point of staying up to date with the very latest, and most valid, neuroscience findings so we can turn this into practical knowledge and tools that can be applied in the workplace.  If you would like to know more about how we do this please get in touch.