Working with CIPD – Neuroscience of Coaching

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It’s always nice to be asked back and having spoken at the CIPD annual conference last year we have been invited to speak at the Learning and Development conference on May 1st.  Our topic is ‘Using Neuroscience to Enhance L&D Effectiveness’ and we are looking forward to explaining how to move neuroscience from the ‘interesting’ to the ‘useful’ i.e. what is the new learning from neuroscience that be applied to L&D in organisations.


Much as we are looking forward to this we are even more excited to be delivering  a new workshop on how to use neuroscience to develop your coaching practice as part of CIPD’s open programmes.  Interestingly, our view is that coaching may be one area that emerging neuroscience may not change significantly, but it will help explain the efficacy of coaching and allow us to embed good practice in our coaching.  Will we ever get to the point where we are ‘coaching to the left anterior cingulate cortex’?  I don’t think so, but I think we will be using neuroscience through each stage of the GROW process to ensure we are playing to the brains natural mechanisms, strengths and limitations.