Personal Challenge of Leadership programme

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We have just finished another Leadership/Management programme for a local government client where the, in my experience, unprecedented, volume of change continues unabated.  Titled ‘The Personal Challenge of Leadership’  the four module programme was underpinned by the latest neuroscience research and what it tells us about the power and fallibility of the brain in the workplace.   Local authorities are still going through massive, disruptive change driven by reduced funding and it could be easy  for people to be overwhelmed by this.  I say ‘easy’ because we all have a change tolerance threshold and the degree, speed and volume of change going on in local government at the moment really is staggering.  This will be compounded if people feel the changes run counter to their values, are unfair and undermine much of what they have spent their career building.

Being a leader in such a situation is no easy matter and while neuroscience obviously can’t offer up a simple ‘silver bullet’ panacea it can absolutely offer very real, tangible, practical ways of addressing topics such as change, effectiveness and relationships in a way that plays to the brains natural mechanisms, strengths and limitations.

The change context made this an ‘interesting’ environment to work within but the feedback from participants was that they had found the content and delivery of the programme to be really useful in helping them navigate a sound course through the stormy waters for themselves and their teams.