Neuroscience for business

At Think Change our underpinning ‘philosophy’ combines our knowledge and experience of neuroscience, psychology and management tools/models, to deliver impactful, positive and long lasting effects for the people and organisations we work with. You can read our case studies demonstrating how neuroscience for business has helped individuals, teams and entire organisations.

What We Do

At Think Change we focus our work on the areas of Change Management, Leadership & Management and Learning and Development and offer new insights and approaches to these topics that delivers results.

All of our work is bespoke to a client’s needs – although we rarely charge for design – and understanding a client’s particular drivers, objectives, needs, context and culture tends to be an important first step in our assignments. We work across sectors and geography with one of the great things about neuroscience being its relevance and applicability regardless of context.

Recent projects include: change management in a range of public sector organisations; identifying future leaders in a global electronics company; developing managers for a local government consortium; change agent workshops for a defence contractor; 1:1 coaching in a financial services company and redesigning training curriculums to make them more ‘brain-friendly’

The common theme in our work is using greater knowledge of how the brain perceives, processes and reacts to the world around it to make more sense of behaviour – both our own and others – so that we can take greater control of this.

Our Change Management, Leadership & Management and Learning and Development projects are designed to play to the brain’s strengths and mitigate its’ limitations. This allows us to make genuine breakthroughs in addressing some perennial workplace problems such as; ‘Why do people seem to consistently resist change?’ ‘How can we develop more effective leaders?’ and ‘Why do Learning and Development programmes seem to make so little lasting impact?’ However, neuroscience is just the first step in our three-stage approach to helping individuals, teams and organisations make lasting change.

We support neuroscience with proven psychology that gives frameworks and theories for understanding behaviour and thinking and link this to practical business models and tools. This three-stage approach allows us to go back to ‘the first principles’ of behaviour i.e. the brain and use this to enable and embed different ways of thinking and different behaviour.

Understanding the neuroscience and psychology of habit, and how to manage this, allows us to provide clients with a proven process for making lasting change.

We like to work in partnership with clients and are keen on knowledge and skill transfer through, for example co-design, joint delivery or train-the-trainer programmes.

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