Learning & Development


Our workshops are supported by unique technology tools and ‘nudge’ psychology to help people disrupt existing habits and embed new behaviours.

Our L&D workshops are a blend of input, group discussion, exercises, psychometrics (where appropriate) and personal reflection that draw out practical learning and clear action points. There is an emphasis on ‘creation rather than consumption’ and we use a ‘flipped classroom’ model where participants study material beforehand at their convenience and then come together to discuss/practice when and how to apply it.

When it comes to Learning and Development (L&D) lasting change is the ‘Holy Grail’ and in this regard the track record and reputation of L&D work is not very good. However our increasing knowledge of the brain can be a real ‘game-changer’ as it allows us to make changes to the architecture, design and delivery of L&D products and services so as to significantly increase their ‘brain-friendliness’ and effectiveness.

We work with clients to help them align their L&D offerings with proven neuroscience and psychology and we also offer a range of ‘off-the-shelf’ development programmes that address key workplace topics including:

  • Adaptive and agile thinking
  • Career planning and management
  • Coaching
  • Creativity
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Developing others
  • Effective interviewing
  • Flourishing at work
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Leadership & management
  • Leading change
  • Learning to learn
  • Neuroscience in the workplace
  • Organisation culture
  • Performance management
  • Personal change
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Positivity
  • Strengths at work
  • Stamina and resilience
  • Team development
  • Wellbeing and change
  • Working with others

Development Workshops Case-study:

Professional institute

We design and deliver a range of courses for postgraduate qualifications in people management and development. We have delivered these as both ‘open’ and ‘in-house’ workshops.

The content incorporates the latest research from neuroscience and psychology and uses this to underpin understanding of established management theory and models. We ensure the content of our sessions meets the often disparate needs of the participants who are often from diverse countries, levels and organisations, rather than needing to stick with pre-planned content/agendas.

The feedback we receive from our client and the delegates is consistently excellent with typically 99% net promoter scores.

Learning & Development Offering Case-study:

Consumer electronics organisation

We collaborated with the European L&D function to refresh the structure and content of their learning and development prospectus. Insights gained from cutting edge neuroscience on how the brain takes in information and changes established habits were used to help transform their L&D approach and offering.

The refreshed L&D proposition ensures delegates are offered learning opportunities in a brain friendly way. The project helps maximise the long-term individual and group benefits of development, enabling the organisation to achieving its challenging goals in highly competitive market conditions.

Management Development Programme Case-study

Public sector organisation

In the light of unsatisfactory inspection results from the Regulator the directorate needed to make rapid and lasting improvements to performance. Front-line staff and management needed to make changes to work practices to give better and more consistent outcomes.

We worked closely with the programme sponsor and key stakeholders to design and deliver a programme that would play to the organisation’s strengths whilst also addressing deficits. Our thorough but brief diagnostic phase yielded important insights into what would and wouldn’t work and resulted in a programme that looked significantly different from what the client had initially envisaged.

Following a successful pilot the modular four-part programme was rolled out to nearly one hundred managers and has since been adopted by another department within the Council. Net promoter scores for the programme are close to 100% and the Regulator has reported that the organisation is moving in the right direction.


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