Using Neuroscience to Enhance Learning & Development

This is an innovative, practical one-day workshop that takes the most recent neuroscience findings and applies them to the Learning and development realm. The workshop will give participants new, practical insights into how to use neuroscience to enhance the effectiveness of their L&D architecture, design and delivery.

Enhance Learning & Development

Who should attend

This programme is for anyone involved in the commissioning, design or delivery of L&D activities. It will be of benefit to those looking to refresh current L&D offerings or skills and to those starting with a ‘blank canvas’. The emphasis is on

Benefits of attending

By attending this programme participants can expect to:

  • Be familiar with the most recent neuroscience pertinent to L&D
  • Distinguish between ‘neuromyths’ and what ‘brain friendly’ L&D really means
  • Know how to embed neuroscience into L&D architecture, design and delivery

Workshop evaluation criteria are agreed with clients beforehand


  • The neuroscience most relevant to L&D
  • Rational and emotional brain
  • Getting attention
  • Holding attention
  • Changing habits

The workshop explains how neuroscience can be used at every stage of the L&D process to increase learner engagement, enhance retention and support the application of new behaviours.

Learning Approach

The workshop is a blend of input, group discussion, exercises, psychometrics (where appropriate) and personal reflection to draw out practical learning and clear action points. There is an emphasis on using neuroscience to complement proven Learning & Development tools and techniques.

Participants are given pre and post workshop material and a workbook ‘tool box’ to further their engagement, understanding and application of the subject. The workshop is supported by unique technology tools and ‘nudge’ psychology to help people disrupt habits and apply new behaviours.

The programme is customised to a client’s particular needs and context and can be supported with one-to-one-coaching. For maximum impact we recommend group sizes of no more than ten participants.

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