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What is Neuroplasticity?

Dr Walter Mischel, famed for his marshmallow experiments looking at the development of the ability to delay gratification recently described neuroplasticity as the greatest human science discovery of his lifetime. Neuroplasticity refers to the fact that the adult brain, contrary to the long held scientific view, remains malleable, changeable and is in fact constantly changing in response to its environment. Harnessing the processes that enable neuroplasticity mean that we can use our mind, to change our brain to change our mind. It is the implied freewill and liberation that goes with this ability that Dr Mischel finds so significant.

The scientific evidence now makes it abundantly clear that ‘the old dog can learn new tricks’ although the processes involved are demanding, energy intensive and something that the brain can be reluctant to engage in unless there is significant motivation and/or reward. Knowing about neuroplasticity and the associated processes, strengths and limitations offers new breakthrough opportunities to make our workplace Learning and Development (L&D) significantly more effective than it has been in the past.

Who We’ve Worked With

indv-womanpresWe have worked with a wide range of organisations to help them understand how to make practical use of the new insights neuroscience can offer us in terms of making learning engaging and effective i.e. how to ensure it leads to sustained changes in thinking and behaviour. Typically projects involve reviewing L&D offerings to ensure that the whole process from needs analysis to design to delivery to embedding is as ‘brain-friendly’ as possible so that learners are more likely to be drawn to it and to stick with it. We have also worked with L&D functions to help them understand what is the most relevant neuroscience for their needs and how to embed this in their existing offerings.

What We Offer

We also offer an ‘off-the-shelf’ workshop focused on applying neuroscience in a coaching context which will be of interest and benefit both to individual coaches and those charged with developing coaching skills and a coaching culture within organisations.

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