Working with Others

This is an innovative, practical three day programme that brings together the best of neuroscience, psychology and practical tools and techniques as it applies to our interactions with others, be they peers, direct reports or seniors. The workshop will cover the logical and emotional aspects of how the brain perceives and manages our interactions with others and how this impacts understanding, rapport and influence.

Working with Others

Who should attend

This programme is suitable for anyone who wants to understand the neurological aspects of how we act, react and interact with others. The programme will be of value to anyone seeking to understand interpersonal dynamics and how to use this to build rapport, understanding and influence.

Benefits of attending

By attending this programme participants can expect to:

  • Gain deep understanding of the brain and how this governs our actions and reactions when working with others
  • Use an understanding of the brain to help plan and manage interactions with others
  • Be familiar with productive communication approaches and how to use them
  • Develop a framework and tool box for understanding and managing both one-to-one and group dynamics
Understanding Self Understanding Others Understanding Teams
Processing limitations & habits Building rapport The Social Brain
Perception, Thinking, Behaviour habits Threat and reward responses Change averse brain
Neuroplasticity – passive & active Brain focused communication Integration framework
Neuroscience of emotion Conflict handling Team development from the brain’s perspective

The programme takes the latest research about the brain’s mechanisms, strengths and limitations and relates this to working with others. The content provides evidence based understating of the brain to then explore work based interactions in their many diverse forms and mediums. The neuroscience is supported by practical, proven tools and combined these allow participants to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of effective working relationships. The workshop delivery is supported by technology based tools to help people disrupt their habituated behaviour and introduce and embed new ways of working.

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