Personal Effectiveness

This is an innovative, practical one-day programme that takes the best of neuroscience and psychology and applies it to workplace effectiveness – in particular efficiency, stamina and resilience. The workshop will give participants new, practical insights into how to support and maintain their effectiveness and well-being.

Personal Effectiveness Workshop

Who should attend

This programme is for anyone in the workplace who wants to understand the neurological aspects of effectiveness and how to harness this to best effect. It is suitable for individuals considering their own performance and wellbeing as well managers considering their team’s performance.

Benefits of attending

By attending this programme participants can expect to:

  • Know how to take full advantage of the brain’s processing capabilities
  • Develop a range of tools and techniques to develop their effectiveness and efficiency
  • Know how to manage and enhance the brain’s stamina
  • Understand how to keep the brain in peak condition
  • Understand resilience from a neurological perspective


  • Role of the brain in planning, prioritising and executing
  • Decision making neuroscience
  • Developing cognitive stamina
  • Maintaining a healthy brain

The workshop looks at the most pertinent mechanisms, strengths and limitations of the brain as they apply to workplace effectiveness. It explains how the brain perceives, processes and responds to information and how we can use this knowledge to make best use of the brain’s amazing capabilities. It explores how the challenges and demands of the workplace can be approached and managed in a ‘brain friendly’ way that allows the brain to perform optimally.

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