Leadership & Management Programme

This is an innovative, practical development programme that takes the best of neuroscience and psychology and applies it to enhancing leadership and management performance. The five workshop programme addresses the underlying perceptions and thinking that drive behaviour and supports this with practical leadership/management models and tools.

Leadership Management

Who should attend

This programme is for anyone with leadership or management responsibilities within the workplace. The nature of the content means that it will be as useful for those who already have substantial leader-manager experience as it will be for those who have recently started, or are preparing to take on leader-manager roles.

Benefits of attending

By attending this programme participants can expect to make significant improvements to their: self-awareness, self-management, interactions with others and their ability to effect change. This will allow them to be more:

  • able to work with and get the best from others
  • flexible, agile and effective at leading, managing and navigating change
  • creative and innovative
  • efficient, robust and resilient
Core Neuroscience Leading Change Personal Effectiveness Working with Others Innovation & Creativity
  • Introduction
  • PTB model
  • Self-directed Neuroplasticity
  • Change averse brain
  • Habit
  • Pre-frontal cortex
  • Brain health
  • The emotional brain
  • Threat, reward mechanisms
  • Insight
  • Network integration

The programme takes the latest research evidence about the brain’s mechanisms, strengths and limitations and relates this to the role of the leader-manager. The neuroscience is supported by practical, proven Leadership – Management tools and combined these allow participants to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of effective leading and managing. The content is designed to enable participants to understand, manage and change their own habituated workplace norms and to equip them to help others to also make lasting change.

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