Innovation and Creativity

This is a new, practical programme that takes the best of neuroscience and psychology and applies it to harnessing the brains amazing capacity to generate and develop ideas. It is delivered as two half-day workshops with an interval in between.

Innovation and Creativity Workshop

Who should attend

This programme is for anyone looking to understand how insight and creativity operate in the brain. It will be particularly useful for those charged with enhancing a team or organisation’s innovation and creativity.

Benefits of attending

By attending this programme participants will:

  • Understand insight, innovation and creativity from the brain’s perspective
  • Learn how to develop new ways of perceiving, thinking and behaving
  • Understand how they can help/hinder the insight process
  • Understand the effect social and physical environments have on insight
  • Know how to support insight in others
  • Acquire practical tools and techniques to enhance innovation and creativity
Understanding Self Understanding Others
  • Neurological definitions of insight, creativity and innovation
  • The neuroscience of ‘eureka’ moments
  • The effect of habits and mood on insight, innovation and creativity
  • ‘How to…’ guide for increasing insight
  • Planning to do things differently
  • Review plans/actions form previous session, highlighting success/challenges
  • Neuroscience behind what supports/reduces insight in others
  • How to create mental and physical environments that support insight
  • Planning to do things differently

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