Using Neuroscience to Improve Change Management

This series of three innovative and practical workshops explains the neuroscience of planning, managing and navigating change effectively. By understanding how the brain perceives and processes change, the right tools and techniques can be selected and applied at each stage of the change process.

Using Neuroscience to Improve Change Management

Who Should Attend

These workshops are aimed at anyone who is involved in the management of change. They will be of particular use to those charged with planning and implementing change but will also be of benefit to anyone about to, or currently, experiencing change.

Benefits of Attending

By attending this programme participants will:

  • Understand how the brain processes and responds to change
  • Have a structured framework for planning ‘brain friendly’ change
  • Understand the cognitive roots of responses to change and how to manage these
  • Know how to initiate and support lasting changes to thinking and behaviour
  • Know how to make change a more positive experience
  • Have a toolkit of change management tools and techniques

Workshop evaluation criteria are agreed with clients beforehand


  • Perception-Thinking-Behaviour (PTB) change model
  • Neuroplasticity and the conditions required for the brain to re-wire itself
  • Habituated and agile thinking and how to use these to best effect
  • The change averse brain and how to work with this
  • The change curve from the brains perspective
  • Habits and why the brain structurally resists change
  • Emotions and why the brain functionally resists change

Planning Change
Managing Change
Navigating Change

  • Vision
  • Assessing readiness
  • Communication
  • Action planning

  • Threat reward response
  • Managing change anxiety
  • Positivity
  • Action planning

  • Choosing to change
  • Change capacity
  • Personal rewards
  • Action planning

The workshops are based on cutting edge neuroscience and psychology; exploring the fundamental mechanisms, strengths and limitations of the brain in relation to change. This is supported by practical tools and techniques for individuals to apply. The workshop structure and content is tailored to suit each client’s particular context and to ensure participants cover the most appropriate material.

Learning Approach

The workshops are a blend of input, group discussion, exercises, psychometrics (where appropriate) and personal reflection to draw out practical learning and clear action points. There is an emphasis on using neuroscience alongside practical change management tools and techniques.

Participants are given pre and post workshop material and a workbook ‘tool box’ to further their engagement, understanding and application of the subject. Workshops are spaced over a number of weeks and supported by unique technology tools and ‘nudge’ psychology to help people disrupt habits and apply new behaviours.

The programme is customised to a client’s particular needs and context and can be supported with one-to-one-coaching. For maximum impact we recommend group sizes of no more than ten participants.

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