Change Management

teamsAt Think Change we have extensive experience of helping individuals, teams and organisations make lasting change ranging from powerful 1:1 coaching, to team development to major culture projects.

Our change management consultants are guided by our knowledge of how the brain perceives and processes external change and the likely responses and behaviours triggered by this. There is considerable evidence that much change work, be it at an individual (think New Year’s resolution) or organisation level (think mergers and acquisitions) is ineffective with considerable effort delivering little by way of lasting, positive change. We overcome this by approaching change in a ‘brain-friendly’ way that significantly increases the likelihood of people engaging with change in a positive, effective way.

Whilst neuroscience underpins our Change Management approach this is supported by proven psychology and practical models and tools; we believe that each of these three elements is essential for change but that none of them are sufficient on their own.

Our change management work includes:

  • Working with senior leadership teams to define the vision for the organisation
  • Building robust coalitions and effective stakeholder management plans
  • Creating culture models that define the attitudes, skills and behaviours necessary for success
  • Diagnostic, benchmarking and gap analysis activity
  • Detailed change management planning
  • Creating communication strategies, plans and tactics
  • Upskilling internal staff with change management tools
  • Providing managers with change toolkits that address ‘head, heart and hands’
  • Equipping people with the knowledge and tools to successfully navigate change
  • Pulse surveys to monitor and manage change progress
  • Supporting teams to manage transition and be at their best
  • Coaching leaders and managers through change


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By bringing a mix of neuroscience, psychology and business models to these activities we can offer clients a unique toolkit for making change a more positive and successful experience. Contact our experienced change management consultants in London by calling us on 01403 800304.