Working with CIPD and Daniel Pink’s Drive

As you may know I have been delivering CIPD training sessions for a number of  years  including; The Introduction to The psychology of Management, The Psychology of Performance Management, Evaluation of coaching  and coming up for the first time in May, Neuroscience for Leaders and Managers.  Recently I was invited by CIPD to take part in their new venture based on Daniel Pink’s fantastic book Drive: the surprising truth about what motivates us. I have been an avid follow of Pink’s thinking and work for a number of years so I was delighted to accept and get involved.

‘Getting involved’ entailed attending a two-day ‘Drive- Train the Trainer’ session delivered by one of the Drive team and a subsequent assessment of my delivery of the material.  The whole experience was enjoyable, stretching and educational on many levels.  One of the pleasing aspects of the accreditation process was the extent to which Drive resonates with our own neuroscience led perspective; the two complement each other very well.  There is a great summary video of Drive here.

I am happy to report that my assessment went fine and I am now really looking forward to working with CIPD to help develop and deliver their Drive offering.  For organisations that are enlightened, brave or inquisitive enough, the thinking around Drive could absolutely be a game changer.  This can apply, not just to how they attract and hold on to talent, but also to how they can provide exceptional service levels to their customers and gain the edge on competitors.  As ever, I would love to share my thoughts on 21st century motivation and engagement further so please do feel free to get in touch!

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