Case Studies

Restructuring the L&D Offering at a Global Blue Chip Consumer Electronics Organisation

We collaborated with the European L&D function to refresh the structure and content of their training and development prospectus. Insights gained from cutting edge neuroscience on how the brain takes in information and changes established habits were used to help transform their L&D approach and offering.

The refreshed L&D proposition ensures delegates are offered learning opportunities in a brain friendly way. The project helps maximise the long-term individual and group benefits of development, enabling the organisation to achieving its challenging goals in highly competitive market conditions.

Change Management in a Local Authority

In view of budget cuts of nearly 30% this large local authority needed to undertake a significant restructuring intended to optimise not just what they did, but how they did it.

We designed a change programme that turned neuroscience and psychology into practical tools for those leading change and those going through change.

The programme meant that the council was able to address the human side of change in a way that enhanced individual ownership of the change process and increased the likelihood of achieving lasting behavioural change.

Culture Change Programme at a University

Having created a new strategy that would allow the University to maintain and improve its position in increasingly competitive times there was a recognition that the new strategy and the existing culture were significantly out of alignment.

We worked with the University to help them define an aspirational culture that would play to existing strengths, address foreseeable challenges and facilitate achieving the new strategy. The work was undertaken in a positive and inclusive manner that allowed University staff to take ownership of the culture model and of the changes that living it would entail.

The project allowed the University to be much more confident that there was widespread consensus and commitment to embedding the new culture model and hence a greater likelihood of delivering the strategy.

Leading Change Workshops at a Utility Company

As part of an on-going reorganisation, several large departments were changing structures, boundaries, roles and responsibilities.

In the light of the limited success of previous changes, the need to pay particular attention to the people side of change was recognised and we worked with the client to equip managers and leaders with a neuroscience and psychology based toolkit that allowed them to adopt a new approach to change.

This enabled the client to plan and lead the changes in a new way that was much more likely to be embraced by staff and much more likely to have a lasting impact.