Case Studies

Development Programme with a not-for-profit organisation

The new HR Director inherited a situation where: there had been minimal structured development within the organisation for an extensive period of time, there was a clear need for improved management in a changing and challenging environment.

A group of high potential middle managers were identified as key to helping raise performance and helping the organisation operate effectively.  They were chosen because of their ability to have a significant role in helping bring about change and introduce new ways of working in a turbulent period. We designed a series of sessions for them that wove together cutting edge neuroscience, psychology and established management techniques. The sessions were highly interactive with a focus on turning content and discussion into practical actions.

The programme successfully helped to address the lack of development in the past, raise consistency across this management population and support individuals in making sense of the changes they needed to deliver.

Assessment at a Global Consumer Electronics Organisation

We worked within the Pan-European arm of this Global ‘blue chip’ organisation, on the assessment of talent and the development of high potential pools.

We have brought scientific practice and consistency to the design, delivery and development of individuals, to ensure succession pipelines are being filled effectively. Involving internal stakeholders in both the design and delivery of assessment processes and centres has helped to increase internal ownership of the project and ensured real world validity to the process and the outcomes.

Participants and senior internal stakeholders are consistently very positive about their experiences of the centres and the valuable insights that are provided for development and talent management decisions.

Development Courses With Europe’s Largest Professional Institute For People Development

We design and deliver courses for postgraduate qualifications in people management and development. We have delivered these as both ‘open’ and ‘in-house’ workshops.

The content incorporates the latest research from neuroscience and psychology and uses this to underpin understanding of established management theory and models. We ensure the content of our sessions meets the often disparate needs of the participants who are often from diverse countries, levels and organisations, rather than needing to stick with pre-planned content/agendas.

The feedback we receive from our client and the delegates is consistently very positive and results in moments of insight and clarity of next actions for those on our courses.

Coaching at a Global Banking and Finance  Organisation

We have worked within this leading bank to offer business and career coaching to the top two hundred and fifty executives.

We are part of  a structured, bespoke and effective programme that tailors the coaching to both meet individuals’ needs and support delivery of the organisations objectives.

We work with demanding  individuals operating in a high-pressure and constantly changing environment. Our coaching helps them to deliver enhanced performance at a reduced personal cost. This is helping our client to achieve their ambitious goals.