Our Approach

At TCC our underpinning ‘philosophy’ combines our knowledge and experience  of neuroscience, psychology and management tools/models, to deliver impactful, positive and long lasting effects for the people and organisations we work with.

Giving people structured ways to think about their perceptions, thinking and behaviours along with practical models, harnesses our brains natural ability to be ‘plastic’ and re-wire itself through experience and use.

Understanding our typical, fundamental perceptions and reactions to change e.g. our bias to perceive change as a threat rather than rewards, can help people to understand their existing habits and how to create new ones that give greater effectiveness and engagement at work. We use the power of positivity and new findings about attention density to help individuals, teams and organisations adapt and meet increasingly demanding goals. [/one_half_first] [one_half]In practice this means planning and delivering services that focus on the underlying changes that need to occur for the desired objectives and organisational goals to be achieved. We ensure concepts and personal practice are explored and repeated in a variety of ways. Our approach is centred on facilitating discussions that evaluate  pertinent knowledge, models and tools to help individuals take concepts/research apart and reconstruct it in a meaningful way for them.  Through this we help them create moments of personal insight that lead to practical and real world change. Our learning sessions are designed to tap into the ‘collective wisdom’ of all participants and to encourage reflection as an ongoing practice.

We believe in doing less, well, to allow individuals time to focus on key concepts that can become the catalyst for further learning, development and change.