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Neuroscience is constantly uncovering fascinating new findings about the brain. At TCC we take the most pertinent insights and craft them for practical application in the workplace. We are driven by a passion for sharing the best of neuroscience and psychology with people who want to make a positive, lasting impact for themselves and others in the world of work. Our innovative change management consultancy services have been implemented in firms across London, the UK and overseas. Call us to find out more on 01403 800304.

About think. change.

Think Change was established in 2012 to specialise in applying the latest neuroscience to Change Management, Leadership/Management and Learning & Development. Nick Dowling and Gary Luffman are the owners and Directors of Think Change and they work with a team of associates to deliver innovative and effective neuroscience consulting and change management solutions to clients.

Neuroscience Consulting

Neuroscience for Business In the increasingly competitive environment that the Public, Private and Third sector now operate there is constant pressure to do ‘more with less’. It is rare for something to emerge that can be a genuine ‘game-changer’ for organisations in terms of their performance. For a new tool or model to deliver long-term, sustainable benefits and be based on robust science is even rarer; but this is exactly what neuroscience consulting can offer. At Think Change we have a decade’s worth of experience using knowledge that ever improving imaging tools and techniques provide about the brain and assessing their implications in the workplace. Understanding the brain’s processes, strengths and limitations in greater detail allows us to create a unique body of occupational neuroscience that offers both practical tools and techniques for everyday use by anyone.


A business can be viewed as a sum of the individuals working within it. The cumulative individual thinking and behaviours can become the collective culture of a business. Neuroscience allows us to understand more than ever before about what creates and sustains business culture – and more importantly what we can do to embed a culture that aligns with its strategy and goals. It is well established that “culture eats strategy for lunch, every time” but our new found understanding of the brain shows what we can do to harmonise culture and strategy, ensuring that the latter can be implemented successfully.


business-presentation-in-hip-office1Leadership is widely recognised as a social construct, therefore the emergence of the dominant role of emotion in the brain takes on even greater significance. If leadership is measured by results and legacy, a better understanding of the brain is a powerful tool for enhancing performance. Understanding, for example, the roles of the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala can transform how you lead others in all sorts of ways. This can include significant elements such as how you set goals, support innovation, make decisions, communicate and recruit people. It can also encompass tactical issues such as where you hold meetings and the time you schedule interviews.

Change management

Change management is one of the areas where neuroscience consulting can offer powerful support, which can be especially valuable given the generally poor track record of change projects. Knowing how the brain mediates external change allows you to make some adept change management processes, making changes significantly more ‘brain-friendly’ and more likely to be embraced. Similarly, understanding the power of habit and how the habit mechanism operates within the brain allows you to plan your change management approaches in such a way that it support the long-term adoption of new ways of working, removing the need for constant ‘policing’ and management of ‘relapses’.

Underpinning workplace neuroscience is the concept of self-directed neuroplasticity and this can be tapped into at an individual, team and organisation level. One-to-One coaching is one of the most effective ways to enable long-term behaviour change and the use of neuroscience allows you to refine coaching, making it even more effective and efficient. At a team or group level, an understanding of neuroscience allows you to transform learning and development activities – significantly increasing the likelihood of them delivering lasting changes.

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